Innovative Mushroom Health Products

embracing a Zero Waste Philosophy

FNG fungi is a company specialized in superior medicinal mushrooms integrated in everyday food products as natural health ingredients.

Based in Montreal (Quebec) Canada, we are supplied in medicinal mycelium, mushroom and spores by HGFungi, a zero-waste mycological laboratory. We produce herbalism’s state-of-the-art mushroom extractions in solid and liquid forms and then blend it into everyday food product.

In respect of the environment and living beings co-evolving with us, all our products are organic : no pesticide, no fertilizer nor harmful chemical. We work only with the fresher ingredients and will always prioritized local sources over oversee providers.

Known Benefits

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  • Antitumor-Mushrooms.png
  • Antiviral-Mushrooms.png
  • Blood-Sugar-Moderator-Mushroom.png
  • Immune-Enhancer-Mushrooms.png
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  • Stress-Reducer-Mushrooms.png
Ganoderma Lucidium Reishi Lingzhi


Ganoderma Lucidium - Used since millenias in traditional Chinese medecine, reishi (Ling Zhu) is also called the mushroom of immortality. Its antivirals activities, immunitary tonic capacities, its cardiovascular and respiratory protection are well documented, just as much as its support to recover from chronic fatigue.

Shiitake - Lentinula Edodes


Lentinula Edodes - Lucious fungi and flavor enhancer, this fungi is known for reducing cholesterol and balancing blood pressure. Its anti-candidose and anti-bacterial activities and well documented, just as its stress reducer and immune enhancer capacities.

Turkey Tail - Trametes Versicolor aka Colorius

Turkey Tail

Today in Japan, 25% of expenses linked to anti-cancer research and cures is invested in the poly-saccharid complex produced by this mushroom. Used in Native traditional medicine for centuries and in new-born welcoming ceremonies, also applied as a remedy against skin irritations, trametes Versicolor is today at the center of protocoles accompanying anti-cancer treatments. Notably, breast cancer, colon cancer and stomach cancer. Its remarkable antiviral effects have been demonstrated in certain studies.

Chaga Mushroom - Inonotus Obliquus


Inonotus Oblicus - Renown antioxydant, epidemological studies show its effectiveness in gastrointestinal cancer reduction. This mushroom is use as a tonic and immunostimulant ...

Lion's Mane - Hericium Erinaceaus

Lion's Mane

Hericium Erinaceus - Elevating the myelin production, lion's mane (pom pom mushroom) stimulate the nerves conductivity and redeploiement of neurones. Chinease Traditional Medicine promote it to ...

Cordycep - Cordycep Sinensis & Cordycep Militaris


Cordycep Militaris - A potent ally when time comes to improve stamina, lungs capacities, reduces general stress or enhance ones sexual and reproductive capacities. Its usage in traditionnal medecine cover asthmas, bronchitis, diabetes, cough and cold,jaundice, alcoholic hepatitis. Its use also covers better health practices concerning domestic animals and cattle.

Medicinal Mushroom Coffee on grains : Reishi, Chaga & Turkey Tail Espresso

Mushroom Coffee

FNG mushroom coffee arise from the merging of 3rd wave microroasting culture and the most recent applied mycology developments. Thanks to our innovative processes, double-extracted medicinal mushroom’s beneficial properties are directly integrated to coffee beans while roasted. Thus, each coffee grain become a vehicle of the health benefits of the medicinal mushrooms.


Organic Mushroom Food Products

Blending Organic Mushroom within everyday food products are a pleasant way to stimulate the brain and body all at once, without shoking familly's habits. Integrate Natural Health ingredients in your receipes make it easier to cultivate a healthier tomorrow.

Mushrooms double extractions in Dry or Liquid form

Powder & Liquid Extracts

Mushroom extracts provide a concetration of biosolube medicinal componds.

inonotus obliquus - chaga - ganoderma lucidium - reishi - trametes versicol - turkey tail

Mushrooms are miniature pharmaceutical factories, and of the thousands of mushroom species in nature, our ancestors and modern scientists have identified several dozen that have a unique combination of talents that improve our health.

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